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Professional Disc Jockey

Weather you’re planning your perfect wedding, throwing a birthday party, or looking for live entertainment at a grand opening, WE WANT TO BE YOUR DJ! Our DJ’s have years of experience playing all sorts of genres, and music styles from all over the world!

Photo Booth

If you’ve ever been in a photo booth before, you already know how much fun they can be. If you haven’t, then book one today to see what you’ve been missing! Seriously. We mean it when we say you’ll have a blast. Our full-time attendant is there to encourage goofiness, and help people find the perfect prop for every scene. 

Slow-Motion Booth

WWWAAATTTCCHH OOOUUTTT!!! You might just have the time of your life in our “Slow-Mo” Booth. Grab your friends and family and do something crazy for the camera. At the end of your evening, you will have just finished filming your first slow motion video. We’ll edit the footage to make a one-of-a-kind, action-packed, slow-motion highlight video for you to share with your friends and family.


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Professional Lighting

Looking to set the mood at your next event? Let us help! We specialize in dance lighting, up lighting, and any other lighting you can think of. We’d love to talk with you about how we can light up the party!

Corporate Events

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